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A11 Contracting Ltd.: Pioneers in Landscaping Elegance and Agricultural Harmony

Welcome to A11 Contracting Ltd., a canvas of nature’s finest, where our expertise in landscaping takes the spotlight, harmoniously interwoven with the nurturing essence of farming. On our five-acre grounds, technology and tradition dance a duet, crafting living, breathing landscapes that stand as testaments to our devotion to the earth and its splendor.

Commercial landscaping

Residential landscaping


Your Vision, Our Canvas

A11 Contracting Ltd. is not just about landscaping and farming, it’s about crafting ecosystems where beauty meets functionality, where innovation nurtures tradition, and where every client’s vision becomes a living, thriving reality. Join us in cultivating landscapes that will not only stand the test of time but will also stand as beacons of environmental stewardship and artistic brilliance.

Crafting Safe Havens for Growth

At A11 Contracting Ltd., safety isn’t just a policy; it’s a cornerstone of our culture. We empower our workers with top-notch safety equipment, regular training, and a working environment that’s as nurturing to them as our greenhouses are to our plants.

A Green Promise for a Brighter Tomorrow

Through our doors, step into a world where advanced greenhouses foster growth under every beam of light and drop of water. A world where five acres of land offer boundless potential, and the safety of every worker is held as sacred as the soil we cultivate. Join us at A11 Contracting Ltd., where every client becomes a part of our ever-growing story of environmental harmony and horticultural excellence.

Echoes of Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the voices of those who have witnessed the A11 transformation:

Testimonials from the Heart of Our Community

Delight in the words of those who've experienced the A11 difference:


A11 Contracting established in 2016. We pride ourselves on serving the local community with general Agriculture landscaping contracting for residential and commercial. We have a good selection of highly skilled employees with experience in professional landscaping.

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