Agricultural Ventures: Cultivating Life

Farming holds a vital 40% of our operational focus, weaving into the very fabric of our landscaping projects. Our agricultural endeavors are not just about yielding crops but creating a sustainable cycle of life that benefits both humans and wildlife.

Embracing Modern Farming Techniques:

  • Vertical Farming: In our greenhouses, we embrace vertical farming practices that maximize space, resulting in lush, bountiful harvests that defy traditional farming constraints.
  • Aquaponics: A symbiotic system where fish and plants grow together; this cutting-edge technique is a showcase of our commitment to eco-friendly and innovative agricultural methods.


A11 Contracting established in 2016. We pride ourselves on serving the local community with general Agriculture landscaping contracting for residential and commercial. We have a good selection of highly skilled employees with experience in professional landscaping.

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